Mar 4, 2015


For years I've being trying to achieve the perfect celebrities wavy hair look.
There are lots of tips around the web on how to achieve this look but most of them are quite least for me.
I realized that the best way to get that look is to dry your hair after shower and use these new "beach wavy hair" products such Fekkai - Soleil Beach Waves Spray (but there are many more).
Share with me your thoughts about your hair tips.

Get the look:
1. Perfect Hair
2. Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow
3. Shadow Insurance for skin tone
4. Floral Gemstone Crystal Collar Necklace with Diamantes
5. Pink High-Gloss

Photo via: glamourmagazine
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1 comment:

  1. The Great Olivia Palermo is always stylish. Love her look, as usual.