Mar 31, 2015


Whether dark or light, winish or bluish - red lips, the "black dress" of the cosmetic world - never goes out of style.
But what if you are red headed?
How can red lips goes with red hair?
Well, the answer is the same: Choose the right colors based on whether your undertones is cool or warm.

Cool Tones: blue-green tint, fleshy skin color that usually, burns very easily and turns red after or during sun exposure. If you fall under this category, try sticking to light bluish-red tones or strawberry-red like Emma Stone or Christina Hendricks.

Warm Tones: tans very easily and its complexion is usually dark Red wine kind of red.

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The beautiful mad woman. Photo via: cluki.

cooler-toned Emma Stone. Photo via: popsugar.

warm-toned Cheryl Cole. Photo via:elegant-hairstyles

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